West Hamilton Mountain

West Hamilton Mountain

Hill Park Secondary School
(rear of the school)
465 East 16th St.
Hamilton, ON L9A 4K6

There is a West 16th and an East 16th Street on the mountain. Be sure to go to the East 16th Street. It is between Mohawk Road and Fennel Avenue. It is between Upper Wellington Street and Upper Wentworth Street.

The largest park nearby is Sackville Hill Memorial Park. Enter the parking lot and drive to the back of the building. There is a separate entrance and signs for the Ontario Early Years Centre.

Front of Hill Park Secondary School.location_hill-park1
 Hill Park Secondary School.location_hill-park2  The portable room will direct you to the Early Years Centre.location_hill-park3
Entrance to the Early Years Centre at the back of the school.location_hill-park4 Inside the Early Years Centre. location_hill-park5

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