Board of Directors

Board Structure

The ASCY Board operates under a Policy Governance Model. In this Model, board leadership requires, above all, that the Board provide vision. To do so, the Board must first have an adequate vision of its own job. That role is best conceived neither as volunteer-helper nor as watchdog but as trustee-owner. Policy Governance is an approach to the job of governing that emphasizes values, vision, empowerment of both Board and staff and the strategic ability to lead leaders. Observing the principles of the Policy Governance Model, the Board has worked hard to craft its values into four policy types:

Policy Ends

The Board defines which human needs are to be met for whom and at what cost. Written with a long-term perspective, these mission-related policies embody most of the Board’s part of long-range planning.

Executive Limitations

The Board establishes the boundaries of acceptability within which staff methods and activities can responsibly be left to staff. These limiting policies, therefore, apply to staff means rather than to ends.

Board – Executive Linkage

The Board clarifies the manner in which it delegates authority to staff as well as how it evaluates staff performance on provisions of policies.

Board Process

The Board determines its philosophy, its accountability and specifics of its own job.

Board Membership

The Board of Directors at ASCY consists of members from diverse backgrounds including: Social Services, Education, Health, Finance and Children’s Services.

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