ASCY Staff List

Wanda St. Francois, Executive Director
Joyce Minten, Director of Organizational Effectiveness
Liz Soyka, Manager of Professional Learning
Lois Saunders, Manager of Quality and Professional Resources
Sue Lepore, Program Lead – Inclusion
Jennifer Thompson, Bookkeeper/Accounting
Martine Fisler, Technical Support/Database Co-ordinator
Melanie Bulbrook, Reception/Administrative Support

Professional Learning

Angela Curto, Professional Learning Administrative Support
Nancy Baverstock, Professional Learning Consultant
Kim Burns, Professional Learning Consultant
Christine DiBussolo, Professional Learning Consultant
Cathy Robb, Professional Learning Consultant
Andrea Topic, Professional Learning Consultant
Janis Webster, Professional Learning Consultant
Tracey Webster, Professional Learning Consultant

Early Literacy Specialist

Kim Burns, Early Literacy Consultant
Evette Sauriol, Early Literacy Consultant (consultante en alphabétisation auprès de la petite enfance, Hamilton)

Project Staff

Nancy Hurley, Early Years’ Community Advisor

Professional Resource Library & Program Support

Melanie Bulbrook, Resource Librarian & Program Support
Jan Smith, Resource Librarian & Program Support
Shanda Licop, Resource Librarian & Program Support

Early Words/1ers Mots – A Program of ASCY

Ruth Doherty, Program Manager
Lisa Sylvester, Speech Language Pathologist – Program Lead
Irene Zulps, Administrative Support

Preschool Speech & Language

Elaine Hache, Intake
Sharon Skingley, Administrative Support
Danielle Bailey, Speech-Language Pathologist
Danielle Boaden, Speech-Language Pathologist
Courtney Cain-Porter, Speech-Language Pathologist
Breanne Ingrassia, Speech-Language Pathologist
Katie Kotulak, Speech-Language Pathologist
Karen Orphé, Speech-Language Pathologist
Diana Paprica, Speech-Language Pathologist
Lindsay Sgro, Speech-Language Pathologist
Jacqueline Vignanello, Speech-Language Pathologist
Aynsley Warden, Speech-Language Pathologist
Rosanne Berdusco, Communicative Disorders Assistant
Alaina Fearnside, Communicative Disorders Assistant
Heather Hawdon, Communicative Disorders Assistant
Alissa Shuker, Communicative Disorders Assistant

Infant Hearing Program (IHP)

Rita Dugas, Regional Administrative Co-ordination Support
Rosanne Berdusco, Community Screener
Alissa Shuker, Community Screener
Heather Hawdon, Community Screener
Sherry Beduk, Family Support Worker

Blind-Low Vision Program (B-LV)

Sharon Skingley, Administrative Support/Intake
Melissa Dalby, Early Childhood Vision Consultant
Sherry Beduk, Family Support Worker


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