Early Years Community Plan

The Hamilton Early Years Community Plan (EYCP) 2016-2020 builds on a decade of collective leadership in planning and implementing a comprehensive system of services and support for children and families.  Significant progress has been made towards achieving the goals set in the last Early Years Community Plan (EYCP 2012-2015 and the EYCP 2016-2020 builds on this strong foundation.

The Hamilton EYCP 2016-2020 provides the community with the opportunity to see the achievements and progress made in the last EYCP (2012-2015 and how we are moving forward by designing an integrated system that can effectively respond to the changing landscape and priorities of the early years programs and services.  The 2016-2020 Early Years Community Plan reflects the:

  • community-wide commitment to the principles of the Best Start Network (BSN)
  • important learnings and beliefs reflected in the Hamilton Parent Charter of Rights, Hamilton’s Charter of Rights of Children and Youth
  • 2014 framework created by Ontario’s Ministry of Education in How Does Learning Happen?  Ontario’s Pedagogy for Early Years.

Associated Work Clusters & Committees

Equity Engagement Advisory Committee



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