Early Literacy Initiative

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Sue Lepore
Program Lead – Inclusion

Kim Burns
English Support

Evette Sauriol
French & English support

Mailing Address

526 Upper Paradise Rd. Unit A
Hamilton ON L9C 5E3

Fax: 905-574-8843

Literacy skills begin early in life and are critical to a child’s health, behaviour and success in school. The goal of the Early Literacy Initiative is to:

  • Strengthen, support and promote early literacy and language development within our communities.
  • Collaborate and partner with programs, agencies and families to deliver workshops and presentations.
  • Distribute resources that will further develop language and literacy-rich environment for children aged 0-6, with a focus on children aged 0-3 years.

The next family literacy Snuggle Up and Read Event will take place on January 24, 2019.

20 livres à lire avant l'entrée à l'école
Early Literacy Responsibilities

Primary Responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate Train-the-Trainer sessions with early years practitioners and parents in the Hamilton community
  • Collaborate with libraries, museums and other recreational/cultural programs, parenting programs, adult education and literacy programs
  • Evaluate and monitor early years programs with practitioners using a standardized checklist (see Early Literacy Resources)
  • Make available early literacy materials to programs; support and promote more intensive assistance to parents who have lower-literacy skills in English or French
  • Work with Data Analysis Coordinators in reviewing the Readiness-to-Learn measures and Grade Three test results for implications for local programs
  • Initiate regular community forums that bring together early years practitioners in all sectors to coordinate literacy efforts and ensure that parents and other child care providers participate in and benefit from early literacy activities in their communities (partner with other early years services and forums).

Early Literacy Resources

What is the Early Literacy Checklist?

The Early Literacy Checklist is a reflective self-assessment tool enabling programs and specialists working with young children:

  • To better evaluate to what extent they support literacy in young children
  • To better evaluate to what extent they support literacy within families
  • To better evaluate to what extent they engage in community partnerships in supporting child and family literacy

Who Should Use the Early Literacy Checklist?

Any early years program or service which includes:

  • Ontario Early Years Centres, child care centres, home child care agencies and associations, libraries, family resource programs and kindergarten.
  • The checklist is adaptable to the varied programs

TED Talk – Deb Roy:  The Birth of a Word (20 minutes)

TED Talk – Patricia Kuhl:  The Linguistic Genius of Babies (14 minutes)

TED Talk – Dimitri Christakis: Media and Children (16 minutes)

Article: It’s Quality, Not Just Quantity, That Helps Your Child Develop Language by Lauren Lowry, Hanen Certified Speech Language Pathologist and Clinical Staff Writer

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