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Pedagogical Documentation Series: Why Make Learning Visible? Part 3

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Date(s) - 03/11/2020
6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Rosalba Bortolotti

A 3-Part Series with Rosalba Bortolotti of Acorn Collaborative Consulting.

Session 1: September 29, 2020

Participants are invited to join in dialogue on pedagogical approaches in HDLH during our current spaces and community with children, families and teachers. In this first session, a closer look at becoming a reflective teacher and thinking about current reflective practices on the meaning of documentation and who is documentation for will be the focus. We will focus on the meaning of the image of the child in our own context and within the community. How will documentation offer a closer look into the work of children and the reflective interpretations from teachers?

There will be a pause during the presentation for teachers to think with some materials and questions offered by the presenter.

During this session, participants will be asked to gather and collect some data in order to use as a documentation piece that will be worked on in each session and invited to share at the end of session 3.

Session 2: October 13, 2020

Going forward, how do we proceed to look and prepare for listening and observation in our programs? Thinking with the possibilities instead of looking at limitations, looking at documentation as a tool that can not only offer learning and interpretation but a way of understanding who we are as teachers, children as colleagues, the environment as the third teacher, and the community as our place to find our own identity.

Participants will be invited to explore further with listening, observing, collecting data, interpreting and reinterpreting.

How will you begin to format and arrange your data for documentation?

What have you discovered or continue to discover from your reflective practice and collaboration inquiry with others and with yourself during these months of COVID-19?

Session 3: November 3, 2020

In this third session the focus will bring session 1 and 2 together with a project that is introduced in the first session. We will reflect on current practices and programs, share our stories of current work as participants return to work or have been already with their programs. How are we practicing the well being of children, teachers, and families?

Participants will be invited to share their documentation with the group and to also view other forms of documentation samples that will be presented by the presenter. This session will also offer further questions and thinking about pedagogical approaches to documentation data, thinking deeper and reflective in current work in programs and with children and open further dialogues about the current on line document from the Ministry, Building on HDLH? Pedagogical Approaches to Reopening Child Care. Thinking with this as we move into documentation and pedagogical approaches with colleagues and families.