Getting Ready for Your Community Clinic Appointment

If your baby needs further testing, he/she should be re-screened in your community two to four weeks after being discharged from hospital or by your midwife.

The Infant Hearing Program will call to arrange this follow up screen.  However, if you have any questions, please call us:

  • 905-385-7927 X227
  • Toll free: 1-866-826-4327 X227

The follow up appointment can occur at one of our many community locations.

baby-in-car-seatThe follow-up screening is best completed when your baby is sleeping. Try to leave your baby in their car seat for testing purposes. If possible feed your baby just before arriving for the appointment. Do not put any creams, lotions, or oils on your baby’s forehead or behind his/her ears. Make sure to bring extra diapers, a soother, and milk/formula to the appointment. You will stay with your baby throughout, nothing will hurt the baby and you will receive the results before you leave. If your baby does not settle for the screening an additional appointment may be necessary. No Health Card is required.  This screen is of no cost to families.

AABRThe baby will be screened with the AABR (Automated Auditory Brainstem Response) equipment.  A small probe is placed in a quiet or sleeping baby’s ear.  The probe produces soft sounds in the baby’s ear.  Electrodes are placed on the baby’s forehead and behind the ears monitor the brain’s response to the sounds and a computer automatically interprets the response. Results are available right away.

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