Preschool Speech and Language Services

Eligibility for Services

Early Words accepts referrals and provides service to young children, prior to entering school, living in the city of Hamilton. Referrals are accepted from parents/legal guardians, and from community professionals with parent/legal guardian consent.

Important Dates to Remember:

  • Early Words accepts referrals for all preschool children prior to school eligibility
  • Early Words accepts referrals for children who are referred prior to August 31st of their Junior Kindergarten year for those who are entering school in September of that year

To find out about how to make a referral click here.

Parent-Based Services

Parent training programs are often recommended as a first intervention for selected parents/caregivers. Parents and caregivers are the most valuable resource young children have.

Child-Based Services

Child-based services are offered for selected children and their families. Child-based services may be offered following parent training programs at a variety of locations and times.

Public Education

Early Words is committed to providing the public with information, resources and services that promote public awareness, education and prevention in our community. Early Words provides presentations and/or workshops, and distributes educational resources to the community. Early Words establishes and maintains links with community groups, professional groups, regional and provincial groups aimed at improving prevention of communication disorders, and increasing public awareness of the profession. Requests for public education are always welcome.

Professional Education

Early Words partners with other early learning agencies to provide professionals with opportunities to participate in workshops about preschool speech and language development, literacy, and speech and language services in our community.

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