About ASCY

Key Contacts

Wanda St. Francois
Executive Director

Joyce Minten
Director of Organizational Effectiveness

526 Upper Paradise Rd.
Hamilton, ON L9C 5E3
Phone: 905-574-6876
Fax: 905-574-8843

Our Purpose

Since ASCY began in October of 1994, it has grown to become a well integrated and highly utilized component of the early learning and child care community in Hamilton.

Early investment in quality care and education has improved later outcomes of success for all children regardless of socio-economic background.  We believe that by fostering open pathways to professional learning and offering services that support early years and child care practitioners and other professionals working with children, we are contributing to positive outcomes for children and youth.

ASCY exists to foster lifelong optimal potential.

Through the lens of belonging, engagement, expression and well-being:

  1. Community professionals and learners are competent and capable and have the resources to support the optimal development of all children.
  2. All families are competent and capable and have the resources to support the optimal development of their children.
  3. Children’s services are of high quality, integrated, co-ordinated and based on the pedagogy.
  4. Children receive services that are timely, reflective of evidence-based practice, that identify their strengths and competencies and facilitate their optimal potential.


We believe that collaborative relationships with children, families, community, and staff are foundational to the work that we do.  We invest in relationships that are authentic, trusting, respectful, and reciprocal.  We do this by acknowledging a view of others as capable and competent.

We value innovation and therefore courageously explore ideas with open minds, investigate and engage in a process of continuous study with the disposition to be adaptive, resilient, and creative in our endeavours.

ASCY values learning as a transformative and dynamic co-construction of knowledge.  We believe that continuous, life-long learning is important to individuals and the community as a whole.  Learning enhances personal and community awareness and well-being.

ASCY believes in fostering leadership capacity within the community through collaboration and awareness of the potential in others by inspiring and engaging in opportunities to become everyday leaders

ASCY will advocate for the best interests of children and educators for quality early human development.  We will do this through increasing awareness and continuous learning through the CECE’s Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, Hamilton’s Charter of Rights of Children and Youth, current research, and evidence-based practice.

To be adaptive and nimble in our thoughts and actions to respond to and support individuals and the broader system.

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