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Hearing Screen Appointments

Hearing Screen appointments can be booked by calling:

905-385-7927 ext. 221 or toll free 1-866-826-4327 ext. 221


Hearing Screen appointments can also be booked (if you reside in Hamilton, Brant or Haldimand Norfolk) using our on-line booking by visiting https://www.caredove.com/centralsouthihp

If you live in Niagara you will need to call 905-688-1890 ext. 150 to book your Hearing Screen appointment at one of the Niagara locations.

Once your appointment has been booked, please follow these simple steps to prepare for your appointment:

  • Avoid lotion on your baby’s head on the day of the screen
  • Feed your baby just before the appointment
  • Bring your baby sleeping or resting quietly in a car seat
  • Bring a blanket and other items to calm your baby
  • Bring extra diapers and clothes

Screening locations include:





Funded by the Government of Ontario.