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The ASCY Materials Collaborative Studio

Taking inspiration from the ‘REMIDA Creative Recycling Centre’ in Reggio Emilia, Italy, the Studio champions the concept that cast-off or flawed materials can serve as valuable, reclaimed resources for our childcare programs in Hamilton.

The ‘Studio’

The initiative promotes a sustainable future by envisioning alternative purposes for materials that might otherwise be discarded or considered unusable.

Within the Studio, materials are readied, curated, and presented, providing educators with opportunities to actively engage and explore these versatile resources. These interactions enable educators to perceive the extensive and profound possibilities presented by repurposed materials.

By appointment only

26 Arrowsmith Road
Hamilton, ON L8E 4H8

REMIDA is a cultural project of sustainability, creativity and research on waste materials. It promotes the idea that imperfect and useless things are the bearer of an ethical message, capable of soliciting reflections, offering itself as an educational resource, thus escaping the definition of useless and wasteful.


Donors Needed

Businesses can support the Studio knowing they are contributing to a circular economy. By donating discarded, imperfect, or end products, these businesses actively prolong the life cycle of materials that might otherwise be considered surplus or destined for waste.


Educators keen on engaging, connecting, and finding inspiration at the Studio are encouraged to reach out to their ASCY Professional Learning Consultant or directly contact the Studio.

Open Studio Sessions

New dates coming soon!

Previous Sessions

2 May 2024 - The Digital Atelier Part 2

Participants will be prompted to reflect on the integration of digital tools and available materials in the creation of an educational project. We’ll delve into questions that encourage critical thinking, helping educators find approaches that foster a deeper connection between digital learning and children’s real-world experiences. Participants will be invited to create their own digital setup and invite the other participants to explore.

2 Apr 2024 - The Digital Atelier Part 1

Step into a digital atelier space where we’ll delve into the rich possibilities offered by digital tools like computers, tablets, and digital microscopes. Guided by an artist and pedagogist, this interactive session aims to empower participants to explore unique and provocative setups of digital tools alongside traditional materials. Together, we’ll uncover innovative ways to invite learning, growth, and deeper knowledge in early childhood education.

15 Feb 2024 - The Magic of Mandelas

The word ‘mandala’ is an ancient Sanskrit word that can be translated to mean “circle”. As a circle has no beginning and no end a mandala represents everything that is endless and connected thus representing harmony, balance, and infinity. Known to create calmness and relaxation, join us as we explore the benefits of mandalas and create our own unique mandalas using a variety of materials.

12 Oct 2023 - Repurposing Clothing & Fabric: A Conversation

Join artist Noelle Hamlyn, as she discusses the role of re-use and re-purpose in her visual arts textile practice. A facilitated discussion will follow on how repurposing materials and fabric might be included in your early learning and child care programs along with tips, tricks, tools, and project ideas.

21 Sept 2023 - The Wonders of Wire

Wire is one of the most intriguing, malleable, materials available to us, yet we rarely think to use it with young children. As we unravel the uniqueness of working with wire, we will explore the many strategies, techniques, and connections to literacy that wire holds.

20 Apr 2023 - The Secrets of Paper

How many kinds of paper do we know and in how many ways can paper be transformed? What relationships are established between mark making tools and paper that are waiting to be discovered? Join us for an evening of exploration where we uncover the secret identity of paper in all of its forms.

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