Screening Results

A screening result is either a pass or a refer. A pass means that a baby’s hearing is fine at that time, however, a hearing concern may develop at a later age and it is very important to watch for signs of hearing loss as a baby grows. Our list of sign-language milestones and speech and language milestones will help you to monitor your child’s hearing and language development.

Your baby can receive a refer result for:

  • Debris in ear canal from delivery
  • Moving too much during the test
  • Being congested
  • The room being too noisy during the test

If your baby did not pass, it means that the baby will need another hearing screen. An appointment will be arranged at a location closest to your home.

If you have questions about the appointment, please call the Central South Infant Hearing Program at 905-385-7927 X227 or toll free at 1-866-826-4327 X227.

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